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With effect from 17th June 2013, there is a new service being rolled out by the DBS. The aim of this service is to give individuals greater control of their own information and it will also be possible for DBS certificates to be reused when applying for similar jobs, i.e. within the same workforce, where the same level of check is required.

From June 17th, 2013 Individuals will have the option to subscribe to the update service when they next apply for a DBS check, this is currently free for volunteers or £13 per year for employees.

For an employer taking on a new recruit that requires a DBS check, if the recruit is a member of the update service they can with the employee’s permission carry out a status check online using the information provided on the employee’s current DBS Certificate.

From June 2013 the DBS will only issue a DBS certificate to the applicant. This means that the registered body who countersigned the application form will no longer get a copy, employers will, therefore, have to ask the applicant to see the original certificate.

Under certain circumstances where a set of conditions are met, employers and registered bodies will be able to request a copy certificate from the DBS. More details about these conditions and other information and useful downloads and links are available through your student login area.