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CQC or Care Quality Commission

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The Role of the Care Quality Commission in Ensuring Quality Care

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) is the independent authority regulating all health and social care services in England. The commission's core mission is to guarantee that care provision by diverse bodies, including hospitals, dental practices, ambulances, care homes, and home care services, meets National Quality and Safety Standards. Financed through a combination of registration fees and government grants, the CQC was established on 1st April 2009.

From Predecessors to a Unified Regulatory Body

The CQC succeeded its predecessors, The Healthcare Commission, The Commission for Social Care Inspection, and The Mental Health Act Commission. Today, it singularly oversees health and adult social care regulations in England.

National Standards Set by the CQC

The national standards established by the CQC cover all aspects of care. They mandate that individuals should be treated with dignity and respect, their nutritional needs should be addressed, and their environments should be clean and safe. Furthermore, they provide guidance for effective service management and staffing.

CQC's Key Roles and Interventions

The primary duties of the CQC include registering care services that meet these standards, inspecting to ensure continued compliance, and intervening when standards fall short. Information about allegations of abuse, harm, or neglect is used to monitor and report care services' adherence to national standards. If the CQC identifies any issues, they refer these to local councils or the police for further investigation.

CQC's Influence on National Safeguarding Policies

The CQC plays a pivotal role in shaping national safeguarding policies, offering recommendations and partaking in multi-agency child safeguarding inspections. This activity gives the CQC valuable insights into the experiences of children and young people and the effectiveness of safeguarding measures in place.

Penalties and Enforcement

When standards are not met, the CQC has the authority to impose penalties or warnings, halt admissions into care services, and suspend or cancel care services' registrations. The commission's role is vital in maintaining the quality of health and social care services across England.

Further Information

For more detailed information on the CQC and how it impacts safeguarding in your work sector, visit their website at A link to the website is also provided in the student download section of this course.