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The DBS Process

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A Handy Guide to Understanding DBS Checks

Options for Requesting a DBS Check

Employers and organisations can utilise various avenues to request a DBS check:

  • Direct registration with DBS, although this involves fees and additional charges for designated individuals, termed counter-signatories.
  • Utilising the DBS "E-bulk" service which reduces costs, expedites the process, and ensures the results are electronically received.
  • Employing the services of an umbrella company to oversee the DBS application process. Such entities can be located online with ease.

The DBS Update Service

This subscription service permits individuals to keep their DBS certificates current and provides employers online access to verify the certificate’s status. This service is particularly beneficial for organisations necessitating frequent checks.

DBS Check Procedure

  1. Acquire the application form directly from the DBS or through the umbrella company.
  2. The applicant completes the form and returns it either to the DBS or the umbrella entity.
  3. Upon check completion, DBS issues a certificate listing results, dispatched to both the applicant and the respective organisation.
  4. Applicants must supply specific documents (like a valid passport, photo driving licence, or UK-issued birth certificate) to validate their identity. The DBS website details these prerequisites.
  5. The progress of any DBS application can be monitored via the provided tracking service.

DBS Certificate Authenticity & Issues

Authentic DBS certificates boast security features, such as a Crown seal watermark and colour-altering ink. However, these traits are exclusive to physically printed certificates, not electronic versions. Should a certificate be misplaced or damaged, a fresh check is mandatory as replacements are unavailable.

Rectifying Certificate Discrepancies

If an applicant detects inaccuracies on their DBS certificate, appeals can be lodged for corrections:

  • Incorrect personal details or conviction data can be rectified upon appeal. An appeal might even alter a barring verdict if successful.
  • Discrepancies should be reported within a three-month window post issue date, necessitating a certificate dispute form.
  • For disputes over an enhanced certificate’s criminal record that the police don’t concur with, an independent monitor will review the appeal. If they side with the appellant, corrections will be executed.
  • Those on the barred list can challenge the decision through an appeal to a tribunal.