Safeguarding of Children (Child Protection) Level 2 (VTQ)

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Welcome to the ProTrainings Safeguarding Children Online Course Overview

This course is meticulously structured to provide you with comprehensive information about safeguarding children. Our course is divided into several categories, each containing a series of videos. You have the flexibility to pause and replay any of the videos during the course. We regularly update our courses, ensuring you have access to both updated content and any newly released videos.

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Despite this being an online course, we are always ready to provide support. If you have any queries during the course, feel free to reach out to us via phone, email, or utilise our online chat facility available on all our websites.

Course Structure

The course unfolds in a structured manner, guiding you to work through the videos in order. Here is a brief overview of what the course entails:

Understanding the Quality Care Commission, Child Protection Responsibilities, and Children's Rights

The initial section of the course covers important topics like the Quality Care Commission, responsibilities related to child protection, and children's rights. We will delve into essential acts and regulations pertaining to child protection, including the Human Rights Act and the Protection from Harassment Act.

Recognising Child Abuse

A significant part of the course focuses on child abuse. We provide detailed coverage of indicators of abuse and delve into various forms of abuse, including psychological, physical, emotional, and neglect, along with the act of omission.

Prevention and Awareness of Child Safeguarding

The final sections of the course centre around prevention and fostering awareness of safeguarding children. Here, we explore what children expect from professionals, how professionals can protect themselves against allegations, key supporting information, and the process of reporting abuse.

Embark on this comprehensive journey towards understanding and promoting the safeguarding of children. Your learning is our priority!