Safeguarding of Children and Adults Level 3 (VTQ)

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Reporting abuse

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Steps to Take When Confronted with Abuse

Immediate Reporting

If you uncover or suspect abuse, it's imperative to report it immediately. Familiarise yourself with your workplace's policies and procedures regarding abuse to ensure compliance with company regulations.

Internal Reporting within Organisations

Abuse can be reported internally within your establishment. This can be initiated via a phone call or a direct conversation with an appropriate internal representative.

Emergency Situations

In instances where swift intervention is needed:

  • Dial 999 and request the police, briefing them about the situation.
  • Alternatively, contact your local police via their standard number or visit the police station in person.

UK Regulations on Reporting Abuse

The UK has specific regulatory frameworks for handling abuse cases:

  • The Care Act 2014 mandates local authorities to conduct inquiries and intervene when abuse is suspected or identified.
  • The Safeguarding Vulnerable Groups Act 2006 introduces a vetting and barring system for those working with vulnerable adults. This ensures that individuals posing threats are prohibited from employment in relevant positions.

Personal Safety is Paramount

If immediate action is necessary, remember that you might also be in jeopardy. Always prioritise your safety and well-being.