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Modern Slavery and Exploitation

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Understanding Modern Slavery and Exploitation

Types of Exploitation

Modern slavery and exploitation encompass: Sexual Exploitation, Domestic Servitude, Forced Labour, and Criminal Exploitation.

Signs of Slavery and Exploitation

Recognizing potential victims can be challenging as the signs are often concealed:

  • Legal documents held by someone else
  • Poor medical care, old or untreated injuries
  • Malnourished or un-kept appearance
  • Fearful and withdrawn behaviour
  • Fear of authorities or family separation
  • Debt bondage perception

Facts about Modern Slavery

  • Scale: Second largest organised crime globally, with an estimated 27 million slaves worldwide.
  • Victims: Any age, gender, ethnicity, or nationality can be victims.
  • Growth: Fastest growing criminal activity worldwide.
  • Children Trafficking: An estimated 1.2 million children trafficked annually, with the average age of victims being 12 years old.
  • UK: Approximately 4,000 victims trafficked for prostitution at any given time.

Understanding Exploitation

Exploitation is the deliberate mistreatment, manipulation, or abuse of power:

  • Forms: Slavery, forced labour, domestic violence, sexual violence, human trafficking, and more.
  • Motives: Usually for personal gain, but not exclusively so.